Frøslev Træ is one of Denmark's largest timber suppliers. The company supplies timber and various processed wood products not only for the construction industry but also for retailers. Operating in southern Denmark, near the German border, the company processes timber and supplies processed wood products to its home country and to the German market, as well as to 12 other countries.

In 2016, Frøslev Træ decided to add thermally modified wood to its product range. Initially, the demand was low. According to Jørgen K. Johansen, the company's operational director, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant growth in the construction industry adding to an already prevalent trend of biocide free wood treatments, as a result of which demand for thermally modified wood surged. Frøslev Træ had bought thermally modified wood in smaller quantities from various suppliers and could no longer supply customer demand.

Frøslev Træ ThermoWood®

Photo: Frøslev Træ

The Idea of Own Production Emerged from High Demand

As demand for thermally modified wood skyrocketed, Frøslev Træ conducted a small market survey in the Danish market to understand the demand. The survey indicated a growing preference for environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing thermally modified wood material. Encouraged by this, the company began exploring opportunities to start its own production, leveraging its extensive experience in wood processing and treatment.

Through these explorations, Jartek and Frøslev Træ entered into discussion. Frøslev Træ was convinced by Jartek's experience in delivering industrial-scale production facilities. What was seen as an additional advantage according to Johansen, was that the thermally modified wood produced in Jartek's kilns could be assigned the respected ThermoWood® product name. This ensures that the end product is of high quality and stability. ThermoWood® retains its dimensions and shape exceptionally well regardless of moisture conditions in comparison to, for example, classical biocidal pressure-treated wood.

The Environmentally Friendly Production Process Was Planned Together

Once Frøslev Træ decided to establish a production facility with Jartek’s equipment, the planning work began in collaboration. Jartek’s staff visited the site of the production facility. The production facility was planned in a way that the harmful gases generated during the treatment process are burned within the production facility rather than being released directly into the atmosphere. If released directly, these gases would cause unpleasant odor among other environmental issues.

ThermoWood® is treated only with heat, steam, and water and is therefore inherently more environmentally friendly than wood that has been treated with biocides. By not releasing gases into the air, this process becomes even more environmentally friendly.

Frøslev Træ ThermoWood®

Photo: Frøslev Træ

Demand Increases – Another Production Facility Project Initiated

The first production facility began production in the spring of 2022, and shortly thereafter, a deal was made for a second production facility. Frøslev Træ's customers prefer thermally treated wood to such an extent that currently one-fifth of the company's turnover comes from ThermoWood®. With its own production, Frøslev Træ has also improved its service level – being able to deliver from its own warehouses means that delivery times are shorter and transportation emissions have decreased.

Harri Puolanne, Jartek's business director responsible for the project, believes that the high demand of thermally modified wood is also due to the beautiful appearance of it, as beautiful architecture and timber construction are valued in Denmark.

Jartek's Experts Always Supervise Installations

According to Puolanne, there were no difficulties during the construction of either of the thermal treatment kilns. The design and installation of the equipment went smoothly, and the kilns have been operating without issues in Denmark. Jartek stayed on schedule, and cooperation with Frøslev Træ and subcontractors was effortless.

Jartek's own staff always oversee the installation and commissioning of the production facility – this time, Puolanne was present himself to ensure that everything went as planned. In Europe, Jartek also utilizes its own subcontractors for installation work, while in projects conducted further away, local subcontractors are used.

Frøslev Træ ThermoWood®

Photo: Frøslev Træ

The Future of Processing Lies in Products Like Thermally Modified Wood

Both Johansen and Puolanne state that the collaboration has been excellent. Johansen praises Jartek for managing the entire process from project management to maintenance support. Both Frøslev Træ and its customers have been satisfied with the quality of the end product. According to Johansen, the environmentally friendly ThermoWood® material with its excellent properties is of interest to customers.

Frøslev Træ plans to further increase the share of thermally modified wood in its production and sales and to continue the fruitful cooperation with Jartek. Johansen sees the future of wood processing in environmentally friendly and sustainable processes such as the production of ThermoWood®.

Frøslev Træ ThermoWood®

Photo: Frøslev Træ


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