Founded in March 2020, Jartek AI is an automation enterprise, the mission of which is to completely change the operation models of sawmill industry by including all the stages of the production process under a single user interface. The result is a control process which resembles that of other wood processing plants, where the production is supervised in a control room with as little as one control panel instead of several spots along the production line. Therefore, a competitive advantage is achieved in both quality and cost.

Jartek AI is a part of the parent company Jartek Group. Jartek’s strong expertise in sawmill industry gained over decades can also be seen in the work of the new automation branch of the corporation. Eleven highly experienced sawmill and ICT professionals are working at Jartek AI’s office in Lahti.

We build automation systems based on the open Beckhoff product family. The environment builds on known standards and is compatible with any existing systems. Several programming languages are supported. The development environment is based on Microsoft Visual Studio, resulting in a continuously developing, easy to maintain, open and scalable Windows-based system that can be accessed with a tablet or even remotely with a smartphone. Additionally, the environment can be linked to higher systems with ease, for example for cloud-based BI solutions.



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Youthfulness combined with strong experience guarantees that our solutions represent the latest technology with high availability.

Wide co-operation network enables the best solutions for every challenge, which is part of our everyday life. Our experts will gladly tell more about available solutions. 



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